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Early Advantage Children’s Foundation (“Early Advantage”) is an in-development not-for-profit 501(c)3 foundation that will financially support both grass roots and established programming that focuses on a two distinct areas:  1. A child’s healthy emotional development in areas such as self-confidence, self-esteem, empathy, and resiliency, and 2. To research, develop, and implement truly hollistic integrative programs and models that will help children develop strong internal resources.

Today, more than 30% of children suffer from diagnosed and undiagnosed disorders that adversely affect their family relationships, levels of self-confidence and sense of worth.  These can have a dramatic impact on how a child develops and navigates the world around them. Early Advantage has a mission to reach these children at a young age in order to provide them with the educational and personal growth experiences that will help form an emotional foundation in which to face the world.

Please join our movement.

Along with thousands of others, we can and will make a difference.  We are a team of highly passionate mental health and law enforcement professionals who are committed to changing the world around us.